Lighting is often one of the most overlooked ways to enhance your event and help elicit an emotional response from your guests. Professional event lighting creates mood, personality, and depth to your event space.

A properly lit room and dance floor creates the ideal environment for your guests to relax, loosen up, and simply enjoy the party. We’ve seen many situations where the party doesn’t hit its full potential because a room was way too bright or a dance floor area wasn’t lit in an inviting fashion in order to make it a destination point for the guests.


Uplighting is the art of painting with light to create a truly magical background for the most beautiful and well planned days of your lives together as a couple. This style of lighting brings your venue to life and helps to create a warm, inviting and entertaining space and drastically enhances your photos. The secret lies in the type, placement, and skillful use of light to enhance and boost the already beautiful aspects of the venue architecture for your wedding, party or corporate event.

Custom Monogram

A great way to add some personality and special stamp to your reception décor. We create a custom monogram template for our gobo light and project it into the reception. There are hundreds of designs and styles available or you can create your own!

Guests always give feedback on this effect and it looks amazing in your wedding photos and video!

Pin & Table Spots

You have invested a lot of time and expense into making your cake, flowers, table design and centerpieces spectacular; don’t leave them in a dark room! Allow us to work with you to place them in the spotlight. Pin spots turn any table arrangement or cake into something to talk about.

Pin spot (or spotlighting) can draw attention to specific areas or objects in a room. It’s amazing what a difference the right kind of lighting does to turn a room from average to a truly unique environment.

Texture & Pattern Lighting


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