Silent Disco

Silent Disco

In a world of short attention span, and on-demand entertainment, a standard DJ might not be enough to impress the crowd. Perhaps you are catering to very broad demographic with extremely diverse musical taste. Or possibly your venue has a noise restriction that forces the party to shut down way too early.

Silent Disco to the rescue!

Rather than using a traditional speaker system, music is broadcast via a radio transmitter with the signal being picked up by wireless headphone receivers worn by the guests.

Everyone loves a silent disco!

Make your event one to remember.

Enriched experience

Clients sometimes worry that the experience has an isolating effect, but we’ve seen just the opposite happen. Often guests that don’t know each other will take their headphones off and talk to each other about the experience or urge another guest to switch channels. In fact, the conversation is often easier because all you have to do is slip your headphones off and start chatting. No shouting over booming speakers. Not to mention, everyone singing (acapella) “Don’t Stop Believing” together can be a very bonding moment!

Not awkward, totally fun!

Clients often worry that it will be an awkward room with a bunch of moving bodies. Some guests won’t partake and therefore there will be background noise generated by conversation. Also, we often still set up a full sound system to provide background music (very low level) and if there isn’t a noise restriction then it allows us to stop the effect and take the room 100% “live” at any point which can be a performance piece and push the energy through the roof.

Perfect sound everywhere

The beauty with headphones is that you have stereo sound and dynamic range no matter where you are in the event space. Often times the music is too loud near the front and too quiet in the back of the room…not a problem when you are wearing headphones.

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