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June Newsletter: Mental Health, Protest playlist and more! 🎶🎧

(Better late then not at all!)
Thoughts from May

It’s not normally my style to be super transparent or do a lot of personal posting…and I worry that sometimes that might make me appear as non-caring, disconnected etc… So I’m sharing because it’s part of my commitment to self-growth and also in the hopes that it resonates with someone else and provides a bit of comfort.

We didn’t send out an April or May newsletter because quite honestly, I wasn’t feeling motivated or had the creative energy to generate one.  I was feeling a bit “frozen” by everything going on in our world as I’m sure many of you can relate.
This stay at home/quarantine has made me realize how much of an introvert I truly am and how isolation can quickly lead to depression which I experienced significantly.

I go to all the networking events and can carry surface conversations but inside I often feel “impostor syndrome” and jealous of the true connections that others appear to have and usually hide behind my work which was amplified during this time. 

I realize now that work has been my coping mechanism and tool for avoiding more connection and intimacy in my life, so when work was suddenly stripped away it left me feeling very alone, confused, and sad. I was having some dark thoughts and fortunately was able to snap out of it and start pulling myself back up with exercise, meditation, reading, and anti-depressants. Not there 100% yet but feeling better for sure.

I’ve started reaching back out to people in my immediate circle and will continue to do so…but I encourage everyone to think about your circle of friends, co-workers & fellow vendors. If there is someone you have not heard from for a while, then call them. It can make a HUGE difference just to let them know you are thinking of them and they have a resource to chat.

If you are personally in a dark place, please try and summon the energy to reach out and talk with someone. Feel free to call me…I’m happy to chat!

The brutal murder of George Floyd reminded me that while still valid, my own problems and personal challenges feel small compared to what so many other people in our would are dealing with on a daily basis in their lives. I started attending protests, reading “White Fragility” which helped me to believe that being NOT racist isn’t enough. As a white person, I feel I need to be anti-racist and find ways to educate myself, activate and become a better ally. Personally, I’m actively listening, reflecting (doing an audit of our website) and learning, so I can hold myself accountable, identifying my own bias and ways to be an advocate for change, and call out actions that are not consistent with equality for all.

Hey Mister DJ stands firmly against discrimination and the oppression of anyone based on their individual beliefs, religion, race, ethnicity, background, sexual preference or gender identity. We believe every human being deserves to be respected and treated equally with kindness and compassion. “Love is Love” is our mantra for the wedding industry. We are an equal opportunity employer and all the vendors we partner with or recommend to our clients share the same core values and vision as we celebrate diversity.

To our Black and LGBTQ+ (and any/all other marginalized groups) friends, clients, creatives and event professionals: We see you. We hear you. We stand with you and will be taking action to help support you.

It’s been inspiring to see so many people of all backgrounds coming together as once voice. Since I’m a DJ, it’s usually easiest for me to speak musically and so I whipped up a playlist of songs in the spirit of Protest, Peace & Change that I hope is inspiring.

Since June is Pride month and this past week the supreme court made an amazing decision to help protect the rights of people in the LGBTQ+ community I also put together a playlist to help celebrate progress and remind is of what change is yet still needed.    There are some amazing classics as well as songs from some cutting edge LGBTQ+ artists you might not know about as well.I hope you enjoy the music!!Wishing you all good health, safety and happiness.Lee Dyson

On The Beat Monthly: JULY
The good news is that there has been a TON of amazing music released in the last couple months. I’ve kept a list so will be sending out some amazing playlists for you all to check out in the next couple weeks!