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how to hire a killer wedding dj book

How to Hire a Killer Wedding DJ

It’s well known that the DJ can make or break the party. But with an overly saturated industry and so many options, how do you find a killer DJ? Lee Dyson, an award winning DJ, will guide you through this minefield and give you the tools you need to secure a killer DJ that is the right match for your style, budget, and personality.

Couples often get sidetracked or distracted by details and need help prioritizing the key ingredients to an amazing reception. Lee will help you figure out the details that matter most, where you should allocate your money to be most effective, and give you the questions you should be asking to make sure nothing is left to chance on the most important of your life. You will also get a bonus section that gives all the tips, tricks, and common mistakes (to avoid), so you can have the most amazing reception ever!

"A great book and packed with info that goes beyond just hiring a dj--definitely a must-read for any engaged couples and writing that leaves the reader feeling like they just sat down with a good friend--who has the 411 on planning an amazing wedding."

Lara Morgenson Burnap, Editor

"Do not get married without reading this! DJ Lee is an absolute expert in his field, and this book is a wealth of knowledge for couples looking to make their wedding reception the BEST ever."


Kerrie Underhill, Platinum Weddings

"It's important for couples to arm themselves with as much information as possible when planning their big day, and Lee Dyson's guide is a great additional resource for couples as they go through what can be an overwhelming planning process."


Wedding Wire

"I always enjoy and look forward to working with Lee. He has the perfect balance of energy, music diversity, event logistics and professionalism. You're guaranteed satisfaction with every event he's involved in and the tools provided in this book are sure to help your wedding be amazing!"


Modern LA Weddings