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Why Karaoke is Hot Again

While some entertainment trends come and go, Karaoke in Los Angeles never really goes out of style.

There are so many creatives, actors, singers etc… in LA (especially Hollywood) who are always looking for a chance to express their talent and passion for music. Plus, Los Angeles has tons of amazing venues and is a mecca for events.    Corporate events, Celebrity parties, Weddings Mitzvahs, Birthdays, Premier & Wrap parties etc…

So Karaoke is always a fun addition to any event but especially a great alternative if you are throwing an event or party where you feel unsure the guests will be up for dancing.

Nothing is worse than an empty dance floor and putting too much pressure on your guests where they feel they must get up and dance can be a bit abrasive.  Having Karaoke gives them an alternative interaction (we also recommend adding our open-air photo booth!) for something they can do if they just don’t feel like getting all sweaty on the dance floor.

Also, our “Hollywood” Karaoke package includes an MC/Host with singing ability, so they can warm up the room, encourage guests, help them pick the right song and even do back up vocals or sing with them in a duet!

Similar to our Photo Booth packages, we can also add a prop kit to increase the fun factor and encourage all the guests to become part of the song!

Our Premium Karaoke package also includes larger video screens facing the audience, so we can play music videos or fun visuals before and in-between singers to keep guests entertained.

Karaoke doesn’t have to be a high-pressure situation either.
Our expert DJs always read the room and adapt accordingly so if nobody is ready to sing we focus on playing some super fun background music that will inspire singers and keep heads bobbing until liquid courage (alcohol) kicks in.

Closeup photo in a bar where barmen burning drink shot

This is why it’s best to hire a Karaoke operator that is also an experienced DJ…so they can rock a dance party if it pops off spontaneously.  Many companies sent out staff that barely know how to run a DJ mixer but at Hey Mister DJ you can be sure you’ll always have a well-rounded Karaoke DJ that can adapt and respond to any situation to keep the energy rockin.

Karaoke-  If Gene Simmons can do it….you can too!

Oh, did we forget to mention that cats LOVE Karaoke?

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