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dj lee dyson video mixer


From cool effects and ambient wallpaper to a full on MTV style dance party, video mixing is the next generation of music and entertainment for clubs and high profile events and we have some of the most talented & creative VJs (Video Jockey) in Southern California.

Current music videos, ambient images, movie clips, commercials, company logos & live footage from the event can all be seamlessly blended to the music and projected onto monitors, walls, floating screens etc…

Our VJ’s mix and scratch videos seamlessly much like they would a traditional record so the presentation is always impressive and very high energy.

Utilizing video technology is an impressive and amazing way to enhance the aesthetics and overall impact of any entertainment package.


Our DJs are amazing but if you’re looking to enhance the entertainment experience for your guests, adding a live musician (or two) is guaranteed to create more depth to our presentation visually and add more compelling layers to the sound. Electric Violin for a lounge feel, Sax or Trumpet to funk things up or a live drummer to blow the energy through the roof!


Want us to take our DJ performance to the next level? Then add on the Emulator Elite to your DJ package!

It’s the world’s most advance DJ Performance system and gives a serious WOW factor to the DJ presentation. Your guests/clients will talking and engaging on social media because the Emulator, combined with our flawless mixing ability…will create an experience they’ve never seen before!

The See-Through display is futuristic, truly captivating and perfect for any room but especially when you want your DJ to be a focal point of the event. We can display client logos, graphics & videos and much more to make the DJ performance compelling and interactive. The unit can also be rented out for trade show display, professional speakers etc…


Silent Disco with Headphones


In a world of short attention span, and on-demand entertainment, a standard DJ might not be enough to impress the crowd. Perhaps you are catering to very broad demographic with extremely diverse musical taste. Or possibly your venue has a noise restriction that forces the party to shut down way too early.

Silent Disco to the rescue!

Rather than using a traditional speaker system, music is broadcast via a radio transmitter with the signal being picked up by wireless headphone receivers worn by the guests.


From wireless microphones to soundboards, to PA speakers, there is a lot that goes into making your event sound right.

We offer everything for sound ‚ÄĒ right down to the cords and board operators if needed and make sure you‚Äôre properly setup to sound, and look, your best.

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