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Rehearsal Dinner

Since we are going to ROCK your wedding, why not also let us host your rehearsal dinner?

Rehearsal dinner is an important part of the wedding process that allows immediate family/guests to connect, get comfortable with each other and prepare mentally/emotionally for the big day.

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This is also a great time to have your DJ or MC present to bond with everyone. Then once it’s time for the wedding party grand entrance there is already trust and comfort level established which translates to a much better moment.

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Since most rehearsal dinners occur at a restaurant or private room, it’s nice to create some musical ambiance and create excitement for the wedding. Our rehearsal dinner package also includes having our DJ give some coaching to anyone giving a speech on how to hold the microphone and how to enter for grand entrance etc.

Additional Fun Options for Your Rehearsal Dinner

Wedding Party Family Feud
Custom Trivia
Lip Sync Battle

NOTE: Any of these options can also be integrated into your actual wedding day!