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The first, and most important element, is getting to know you both – and we love meeting our couples in person!

Putting together an event requires a lot of details. We find it important to meet with you to better understand what you’re looking for so that we can provide maximum assistance – and create an event to remember!

This town loves to party. So after they’ve seen the show, the next most important thing that helps to leave a lasting impression of your release is of course, the after party.

But let’s face it…there are tons of very bad Karaoke guys out there with poor quality sound systems and very limited song selection that can impede your guest’s dreams. We don’t employ them. What we DO offer are several of the coolest, most personable & dynamic Karaoke hosts available along with a very current and eclectic music library for your guest’s selection.

A properly lit room and dance floor creates the ideal environment for your guests to relax, loosen up, and simply enjoy the party. We’ve seen many situations where the party doesn’t hit its full potential because a room was way too bright or a dance floor area wasn’t lit in an inviting fashion in order to make it a destination point for the guests.

OMG, YOLO, LMAO! I mean who DOESN’T love photo booths? Your dance floor will be packed, no question…but what about your guests that might not be in a dancing mood? A photo booth is a perfect way to insure your friends & family have something else to do at the party and encourage interaction with guests that may not be acquainted. Plus, with our memory book package, you’ll take hope a keepsake that you’ll enjoy for years.