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Now you can have your first dance or any favorite song sung LIVE while enjoying the benefits and versatility of a great DJ. He has performed at hundreds of private events nationwide as well as overseas, and can guide your party effortlessly towards success with his innate talent, friendly demeanor and classy style.

If you prefer a low key vibe then Jimmy can melt into the background, just mix amazing music and let things unfold organically.

DJ Jimmy G showcases the perfect blend of eclectic taste, style and charisma.

As a seasoned performer and entertainment coordinator, he brings a unique sense of professionalism to every event. His experience as a professional bandleader, musician and vocalist gives him a distinct edge with a vast knowledge of genres, and a command of the dance floor.

Nowhere else will you find such an outstanding combination of DJ AND vocalist. Not only does he play all of the latest and greatest songs everyone wants to hear, he emcees to perfection and sings like a Vegas Headliner….right from the mold of Sinatra and Buble’.

Q&A with Jimmy

Auburn Ca. A small northern California town in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada

 In 2006 I toured Southern Italy as a guitarist and Saxophone player. I was booked to accompany International DJs at large outdoor Summer parties. As a lifelong musician, I was intrigued by the energy I witnessed with the crowd and the DJ, and when I got back to America I dove in and started to DJ myself.

Weddings are such momentous occasions. Everyone always comes to have the time of their lives. The night lives in the memories and hearts of many people who are deeply interconnected. It’s such a pleasure to be a part of that. Nowhere else will you find a more diverse crowd of people who are ready to party!

James Brown. Hollywood Bowl!

 “Dancing in the moonlight”….as a Father Daughter! Sounds harmless right?…until the first line comes in…”We get it on almost every night”:/ I had to make a little announcement over that part so I wouldn’t turn red. 

Weddings can be stressful. Especially when the newlyweds are in a bit of a tiff. Well at an event a while back, when it came time to cut the cake no one could find the Bride and Groom. The coordinator had everyone circled around the cake…but they were in the hallway arguing. I managed to stall long enough with a few off the cuff jokes and correlating songs, meanwhile I found the Bride and Groom…gave them a little pep talk and lead them back into the party to finish a really fun night!

1-The newest most fun current Top 40 jam. (Changes by the week) Happy, Uptown Funk, Can’t stop the feeling etc.

2- 70s or 80s favorite like Kiss- Prince, September -EWF, Don’t stop till you get enough- MJ

3- 90s throwback- This is how we do it- M. Jordon, California Love- Tupac, Backstreet Boys etc.

Also, by doing your homework you can find out what songs will be guaranteed winners AHEAD OF TIME. This changes for every event, but if you know Suavemente is the grooms favorite song or if the USC fight song is the familiy’s anthem…those songs should be placed right towards the beginning or end of a dance set! Knowing when and even where your couple grew up can give you an edge on what will make people react. Music is the soundtrack to life! Playing a song everyone grew up with will connect you to the crowd in a very deep way!

Music Production, Singing, Beach trips with my Wife and Daughter.

Filmmaker or Space Explorer

Never a dull moment. Always something new to see.

“Music is a world within itself with a language we all understand”