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Wedding Formalities- Terrific or Tired?

I Read this article recently and it got me thinking about wedding formalities. https://www.fashionbeans.com/content/overrated-wedding-trends-that-need-to-be-retired/ I loved the article not because I necessarily I agree with all of them, but because it reminds us that there should be a conversation with EVERY wedding couple and their Planner/DJ to discuss formalities and how they might fit into …

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Spotify makes pop songs shorter and iTunes dies

I’ve heard about the Podcast “Switched on Pop” multiple times but finally gave it a listen and this episode is fascinating! https://www.switchedonpop.com/how-streaming-changed-the-sound-of-pop/ The episode is based on an article discussing how streaming platforms like Spotify are changing the landscape of Pop music as artists shorten song lengths to game the system for more play. Even …

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Why Karaoke is Hot Again

While some entertainment trends come and go, Karaoke in Los Angeles never really goes out of style.
There are so many creatives, actors, singers etc… in LA (especially Hollywood) who are always looking for a chance to express their talent and passion for music. Plus, Los Angeles has tons of amazing venues and is a mecca for events. Corporate events, Celebrity parties, Weddings Mitzvahs, Birthdays, Premier & Wrap parties etc…