Hey Mister DJ

New event options from Hey Mister DJ!

A/V (Audiovisual) Production

Did you know Hey Mister DJ is a full service production company?

We provide full-service Audiovisual production (small to large-scale)for:
Corporate Events
Trade Shows
Award Shows
And more…

Services include:
Room & stage design
General session production
Live video feed
Breakout room management
Sound packages
LED Walls & custom visuals
Live (or recorded) VOG
Custom walk up music curation

We take a lot of pride in our presentation, so we are constantly looking for ways to increase the “wow” factor to our appearance at events.
Los Angeles is a busy market so we are always looking for ways to help our events stand out from the pack.

Excited to share some new lighting, music and DJ booth options that will enhance your event and guest experience.

Custom DJ Booth

Our custom built DJ Booth greatly enhances the presentation and “wow” factor of the DJ station. We replace the standard 6 foot table/cloth with a beautiful white trim booth featuring a 55″ LCD screen to display your logo or cool visual graphics.
We can display animated client logos, fun ambient video and 100% branding on all sides!

The Emulator Touch Screen DJ Console

When’s the last time you showed up to a party and did a “double take” at the DJ? Turntables, CD players & laptops right?

What if the DJ console was part of the show?
With the Emulator, guests see everything the DJ sees! This extremely futuristic display that make the DJ part of the décor.
The Emulator is an exclusive custom designed glass console with touch-screen technology, allowing the person using this piece of technology to manipulate the music at the “touch of the glass”.
Imagine seeing your DJ controlling the music for your event on a futuristic glass console that you can SEE THROUGH and that is touch sensitive!

LED Light Tubes

Our new Chauvet STX180 tubes look really cool and help fill space around the DJ Booth or a stage.
The can also elevated for a unique look and punch some light into the dance floor or first dance.

LCD Screens, Visuals & Lighting

LCD Video & projectors allow us to program a variety of interesting & entertaining options during your event such as:

  • Static or Animated Company Logo
  • Karaoke lyrics for audience
  • Video Mixing (Music Videos)
  • Trivia
  • Posting live social media/photo walls
  • Live polling for song requests
  • Fun visuals like dancing footage from movies (when people SEE dancing they follow!)

Video screens can be used to entertain the guests before dancing or if people are tired and taking a break.


Our new mobile App allows for direct submissions from guests right to your DJ.
Not only is this useful in the current age of social distancing, but it’s a great way to encourage engagement in the party from all your guests. The DJ can text back to let a guest know when their song is coming up so they can get ready to jam on the dance floor!

Mobile Photo Booth

Our roaming & 100% portable photo booth is a new twist on a favortie activity.
One of our fun & engaging ambassadors will interact with your guests and help them capture the perfect photo. Of course, we have tact and great room awareness, so we are careful not to interrupt important conversations or bother any guests who seem not interested.

It’s a refreshing change from the traditional photo booth because WE COME TO YOU!
This system can also be setup as a selfie-station which is a more cost effective option.


  • Roaming/portable photo booth with personal attendant
  • Unlimited digital prints
  • Custom templates
  • Social media uploads

Musician/DJ Hybrid

Want to add another layer of showmanship to the performance?
Let’s add a live musician to the DJ set!
Adding an Electric Violinist, Saxophone or Percussion to a DJ set really enhances the vibe and creates much more energy and animation.

The advantage to a synergy of DJ & Musicians:

Less expensive than full band
More dynamic than just a solo DJ
Ever performance is unique- The musicians freestyle over the tracks by the DJ so no performance is ever the same!
Guests get the best of both worlds….the sound of the original songs they enjoy but reinvented with live instrumentation to enhance the track.

Most popular musician options:
STRINGS- Electric Violin, Cello, Stand up bass or Electric Guitar
Horn (Saxophone or Trumpet)
Percussion\Full drum kit


Games & team building challenges can be a great way to create engagement and interaction with your guests. You’d be amazed what people will do for prizes or if we activate their competitive nature.
Games are very entertaining and create more of a “show” feel, which can fill time during dinner or drop in between dance sets when guests need a break.
We can customize challenges/games for individuals or teams based on your company theme/style, but here are a few examples below.

All of these options are available for:
Corporate Events
Trade Shows
Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
School events

In or around:
Los Angeles
Orange County
Santa Barbara
Las Vegas