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Hybrid Virtual Event

Hybrid Events- The New Normal?

Should You Host a Hybrid Virtual Event?

Hybrid events are not a new phenomenon, but thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, they are becoming increasingly common, especially during the widespread stage of transition between virtual and in-person events. 

A hybrid event blends physical and virtual experiences, allowing audiences to decide whether to attend the event in person or tune in digitally. For example, sporting events have been held in a hybrid format for years, with spectators present in the stands while the event was broadcast on television to reach a wider audience.

Hybrid Virtual Event

What Type of Events Can Be Hybrid?

A range of speciel event categories work well in a hybrid format. Some common examples include:

  • Corporate Sales Meetings
  • Conferences
  • Weddings
  • Meetings
  • Seminars
  • Trade shows
  • Concerts
  • Award ceremonies
  • Fundraisers
  • Reunions
  • Birthday Parties 

Benefits of Hybrid Events

In comparison with entirely in-person or virtual events, hybrid events offer your attendees the most flexibility. Guests eager for the in-person experience have that option, but others who may not yet feel comfortable attending an in-person event will appreciate the alternative of attending virtually. In addition, invitees who live too far away to travel to the event or are limited by a busy schedule can still tune in. And since the number of guests is not limited to the capacity of the venue, hybrid events allow for increased attendance and much greater reach globally!

Even if you’re new to hybrid events, they’re predicted to be the future of large-scale gatherings, as well as many smaller-scale events. So how can you know whether you should host your next corporate event in a hybrid format?

  • Meet with your team and make sure you understand your event goals
  • Know your audience needs and what will engage them
  •  Deteremine what type of reach you desire
  • Know what type of content you wish to present
  • Be realistic about your desired results 
Hybrid Virtual Event

What Do You Need to Host a Hybrid Event?

Event Venue/Studio
You’ll need a space to host your in-person guests and possibly a full production studio depending on how much of the event you wish to stream live. Keep in mind that you may end up needing to DOUBLE the budget of a traditional event to ensure it’s engaging for both the live and virtual experience.

Virtual Platform
To successfully host a hybrid event, you must choose an effective virtual platform. Which platform you select will depend on the type of event and the size of the virtual audience, but it should be easily accessible and able to maintain a high-quality video stream without issues. 

Our favorite platforms:
and of course….ZOOM!

Event Coordinator
Before you choose a virtual platform, you should consider hiring a professional virtual event coordinator to help plan the event.   Some platforms come with an A/V Tech team included but, many do not, so having an experienced virtual event planner will help you navigate these waters and make sure you allocate your budget as efficiently as possible.

A/V Tech Team
As mentioned, you’ll need a Tech team to handle both the virtual platform and the production of the live space. It’s best to hire an A/V team that is already experienced with the platform you choose for a smoother production.  Some teams are now versed in multiple virtual event platforms, while others specialize  in just 1 or 2 primarily. 

Event Host, MC & DJ
It’s also essential to keep your virtual audience engaged during the event, so it’s a good idea to delegate an online MC/host who can facilitate chat discussion, resolve any streaming issues, and keep virtual attendees informed and entertained.  
We always recommend adding a Virtual DJ along with your MC/host to help create more energy and engagement during the event.   Other entertainment options such as virtual bartender, magician or portrait artist will help make the virtual attendees feel like they are getting something special to offset the fact that they are not attending in person. 

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For more information on hybrid events and why they might be right for you, check out this infographic below from one of our collegues.